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During the last century,however, and more especially in England, Germany, and Italy, this opinionhas been frequently set down, sometimes even as a matter of course, with atincture of contempt or pity for any woman afflicted with sexual emotions. I have felt the same way for such a long time.

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Schleiermacher also voiced theidea of the synthesis: “And why should we be arrested in this struggle(i.e., between love as the flower of sensuousness and the intellectualmystical component of love), when in all domains we are striving tobring the ideas, born by the new development of humanity, into harmonywith the result of the work of past ages?”

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The same ismarkedly true in Europe. We can trace it in Aryan and Semiticantiquity, but in no very pronounced form; Homer scarcely knew it, and theGreek poets seldom mention it. My mother is somewhat nervous, but is not imaginative, nor at all demonstrative in her affections. While sitting next to her, while standing together, or even while walking. And as the host of The Smart Couple Podcast and Founder of the Relati.

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Stanley Hall and Allin in their investigation of the phenomena of tickling, largely carried out among young women teachers, found that in 60 clearly marked cases ticklishness was more marked at one time than another, “as when they have been ‘carrying on,’ or are in a happy mood, are nervous or unwell, after a good meal, when being washed, when in perfect health, when with people they like, etc.”