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As practiced by man, the kiss involves mainly either the sense of touch orthat of smell. Grosse (Anfängeder Kunst, English translation, p. 228) has pointed out that the bestdancer would be the best fighter and hunter, and that sexual selection andnatural selection would thus work in harmony.

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His book focuses on love and relationships and how individuals may work together to communicate more effectively in an effort to build stronger connections.

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If so, I am quite prepared to acceptSchrenck-Notzing’s explanation as a complete account of the matter.

Primitively constituted man knows only undifferentiated sexuality.

Just as we found that the sexual and thenon-sexual influences of agreeable odors throughout nature areinextricably mingled, so it is with the motives that make an objectbeautiful to our eyes.131 The sexual element in the constitution of beauty is well recognized even by those writers who concern themselves exclusively with the æsthetic conception of beauty or with its relation to culture. Thus ends the conduct of a virgin widow re-married.